Capocollo at low temperature with White Truffle



4 capocollo slices about 2 cm thick
N 2 bunches of arugula
G 150 radicchio salad
G 80 White Truffle (white truffle or black summer truffle)
N 2 cloves of garlic
N 2 Sage leaves
N 1 branchlet of rosemary
Wild fennel to taste
Cartoceto extra virgin olive oil
Table salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
Coarse salt to taste
N 4 under vacuum cooking bags


Season the capocollo slices, put them in equal parts into the vacuum bags with 2 leaves of sage, a branchlet of rosemary and wild fennel, half a clove of garlic and Cartoceto extra virgin olive oil. Seal them.

For cooking, use a Roner at 62° for about 18 hours (a thermostatic water bath device for cooking). Wash arugula and radicchio salad under cold water and spin dry. Cut them into julienne strips.

Open the vacuum bags, remove the liquid from the meat and cook in a non-stick roasting pan with little oil.

Lay the slices of meat over arugula and radicchio salad on a serving dish. Garnish with White truffle slices or Black Truffle slices (according to seasons and availability). Serve immediately.