This is the recipe we usually suggest to our clients/friends in markets and fairs.
Many people are hesitatant to purchase fresh truffle because they fear of cooking them badly.
Truffle is really easy to use, specially the fine white truffle and the “bianchetto” , just need to add them raw on the dishes.
Instead Black Summer Truffle must be cooked, and this is the advice I give to all: Black Summer’s slice is beautiful to decorate, but in terms of taste there isn’t comparison with a minced truffle cooked just 10 minutes in a pan.

Fresh truffle sauce recipe


  • fresh season truffle
  • oil or butter
  • vegetable or meat broth
  • cream or milk (optional)


First of all you need to wash the truffles.

Second phase: grate them like cheese, or you can use a mixer to do it faster.

Third step: melt some butter or put some oil (according to taste) in a pan, add the truffles, salt, granular nut and finally a bit of single cream or milk.
For those who are intolerant to dairy products, this recipe could be also delicious just with extra virgin oil and some vegetable/beef broth.

Cook over low heat and turn the mixture for about 10 minutes. When the sauce becomes tickened, it’s ready to be used in the realization of the dishes.

Fresh truffle sauce recipe, excellent for all types of realization: croutons, noodles, scallops and omelettes.

To embellish the dish you could leave a fresh truffle grated on the plate.