Stuffed Artichokes with White Truffle


4 big artichokes
150g bread crumbs
2 fresh sausages
1 lemon
field balm
extra virgin olive oil
½ glass of white wine
Salt and pepper
30g Pure White Truffle Cream
Clean the artichokes, removing the harder external leaves, the stem and the tips, cut them in half and put them in water acidulated with lemon juice.
In a large bowl combine bread crumbs with crumbled sausages, White Truffle cream, parsley, field balm and some garlic. Stuff the halved artichokes with this mixture. Place artichokes in a large pan, drizzle them with some oil and white wine and cook at low temperature. Season and cover with a lid. Cook very gently for about 30 minutes. Before serving, season to taste with lemon juice. This recipe is also delicious served cold.

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