Crostini al tartufo

Truffle croutons recipe

Ingredients 2 persons

  • 50gr. of fresh seasonal truffle
  • 125 gr. of butter
  • 1 spoon of flour
  • Bread
  • Salt as taste
  • 200 ml of Beef/vegetable broth according to taste

Preparation time

30 minutes


To make truffle croutons as usual for the real housewives, the “grandma’s amounts” are by eye!
Anyway I tried to indicate the right quantities for 2 people.

In a little pot melt 125 gr. of butter, as soon as it’s melted remove the pot from heat and add a spoon full of flour, stir energically until you obtain a creamy mixture (like the bechamel base) now add 200 ml of broth and finally 50 gr. of Black Summer Truffle fresh minced, you can use a simple grater, add the salt according to taste, salt enhances the flavor of Black Truffle.

Cook and reduce the sauce for a few minutes, meanwhile toast some homemade bread, once prepared all strew the bread with the obtained sauce.

I suggest to eat the croutons until they’re hot, accompained by an excellent “Bianchello del Metauro” D.O.C..

If you can’t have fresh seasonal truffles, you could always replace with our Black Summer Truffle Flakes/Crumbs.